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    We believe that every man, woman and child deserves to experience the beauty and majesty of horses and the magic of wild Arabian nature.

  • Share Experiences

    We believe in creating wholesome experiences with people & sharing them.

  • Experience a warm culture

    We believe in bringing people together under a common interest, breaking cultural barriers.

  • Pure Joy, Unplugged.

    We believe in the healing/therapeutic powers of animals & nature.

Ride Into Nature

About Us

We are a dedicated equestrian and adventure centre, steeped in the stunning nature and culture of Ras Al Khaimah. 

We believe that our natural unspoilt environment and offering are totally unique and bring people back to nature through outdoor and equestrian activities.

Authenticity is our core pillar – from our desert and our horses to our people and our hospitality.

The experience we offer can help change lives.

We are staffed by experienced specialists, offering an unrivalled, unspoilt riding experience and ancillary activities such as camel rides and archery, to people of all levels and abilities.

Our home is nature and every visit is an adventure.

Al Wadi Equestrian Adventure Centre is a member of Hakaya Collection 



The Nature Reserve

Al Wadi Equestrian and Adventure Centre is nestled on the edges of RAK's Wadi Khadeja with access to 500 hectares of nature reserve ready to be explored with one of our guides through organized horse treks.

The reserve features a stunning natural desert landscape and free roaming wild life like sand gazelles, Arabian gazelles, camels and Arabian oryx. You can occasionally spot desert foxes and wildcats at sunsets and during the cooler season.

The Wadi hosts a unique mix of birds such as the wheatears, babblers, falcons, and ravens. 

A large diversity of plants have adapted to the Ras Al Khaimah climate and harsh environment. The desert vegetation consists largely of shrubs, bushes and trees. Of the trees the most common are ghaf trees, acacias and so called desert thorns. The desert is also home to many plants such as desert ephemerals, hyacinths and thumbs which flourish mainly during the winter and spring season turning the desert into a sea of blossoms.

The sidr, a tree which is highly appreciated for its medical use can also be found in the wadi. It is also associated with excellent honey produced by bees who feast on the pollen of this tree. The poisonous but beautiful oleander also grows in the area.

There are also numerous herbs to be seen which has been used for medical purposes. After rainfall, you may notice local people collecting a certain plant. This plant is locally known as daghabis and its top part is edible, sweet and nutritious.

Desert Gazalle


Whether you need to compete, ride recreationally, or seek lessons or training for you and your horse, you can do it all here at our equestrian centre.

Our Equestrian centre welcomes guests all year round to participate, train, learn, watch, dine, relax, and experience one of the premier riding facilities in Ras Al Khaimah built for the love of horses and the sport.

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Jumping & Dressage Arenas

Our arenas and complimentary facilities for the horses are designed to be the best in RAK. Our jumping arena is 40m x 80m. The footing contains rubber rads that help minimise dust and act as preventative measure in order to avoid any injuries to the horses.

Our dressage arena is 25m x 40m. It has a footing of washed sand mixed with geotextile flakes. Again, this helps to lower dust formation during exercise and significantly drop the use of water as the mixed footing stays moist the whole day, even during hot summer days.

We maintain our arenas to ensure both rider and horse are safe and protected.

  • Arena 40m x 25m, sand  geotextile
  • Arena 40m x 80m, sand & rubber flakes
  • Lunging Arena
  • Toilet and Shower
  • Tacking stations and tack room
  • Flood light system

Horse Riding

Horse Riding
Introductory Lesson 30 min AED 150 p.p.
Private Lesson 45 min AED 200 p.p.
Private Lesson (Package of 5) 45 min AED 800 p.p.
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Our livery stables are of the highest standards and we offer them to equine owners for either short or long term via various flexible schemes. The site’s layout has been designed with safety in mind for all users and animals as the highest priority. We also offer Paddock services or a combination of both. Feel free to request our rates and conditions.

Bedding in stables: to avoid any foot or leg injuries, the horses stand on layer of 30 cm thick washed sand bedding. Underneath the sand bed is a 50 cm thick, gravel bed which guarantees good drainage.

 We make sure all horses are comfortable, healthy and well looked after. Pay us a visit and have a look around.

Livery includes:

• A large indoor stable
• All hard feed, (2 times a day using our own mix) plus salt lick and 24 hour fresh water
• Grooming 2 days a week
• Dedicated space in secure tack room
• Supervision of horse during visits from the farrier, vet, etc
• Year round worming routine
• 24/7 care from experienced, qualified and caring grooms
• Night checks (between 9.30pm-10.00pm)
• Secure yard with staff on site 24/7
• And, if you don’t have the opportunity to spend as much time with your horse as you would like, we will update you on what your horse has been up to.

Full Livery Additional Costs. The horse owner will be required to pay the additional costs
• Farrier bills
• Vet bills
• Dentist bills
• Any supplements and/or special feeds the owner wishes to give
• Full tack cleaning – taken apart, cleaned and oiled

Please note that livery packages can be amended should you have any special requests.
Please feel free to contact us should you wish to discuss the care of your horse.


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Our guided western-style trail rides will take you into the researve where you will experience a true feel of the untouched desert habitat on horseback. Our friendly guides keep an eye on our gentle horses as they give insight into the desert culture and wildlife. The pace on the ride is kept at a walk so that riders of all abilities can settle in comfortably and take in the beautiful, tranquil surroundings. Reservations are necessary.

Horse Activities
Lunge Lessons 30 mins AED 125 p.p.
Desert Horse Ride 45 mins AED 180 p.p.
Desert Horse Ride 60 mins AED 250 p.p.
Horse Experience 60 mins AED 125 p.p.
Horse Full Moon Rides 60 mins AED 275 p.p.
Stable Tour 30 mins AED 50 p.p.
Stable Management 60 mins AED 125 p.p.
Riding Lessons 30 mins AED 100 p.p.
Riding Lessons 45 mins AED 150 p.p.
Endurance Rides 1 month AED 1000 p.p.
  • Pony Ride

Our friendly ponies are available for small children (7 years old or younger) to experience horseback riding and the company of these loving animals. Ponies and small horses give youngsters safe rides around the facillity led by a member of our team, and are given on a first come first serve basis. No reservations are necessary. We recommend pony riders be at least 2 years old and able to sit up on their own. 

Pony Activities
Pony Lead Ride 10 mins AED 30 p.p.
Pony Lead Ride 20 mins AED 60 p.p.
Pony Lead Ride 30 mins AED 90 p.p.
Pony Splash 60 mins AED 100 p.p.
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For almost 4,000 years natives have used camels as transportation over shifting desert sands between distant oases.

Step back in time and experience the most authentic means of transport by tracing the footsteps of Bedouin travelers. 

Your camel escort will guide you on a breathtaking journey through the desert on a traditional camel convoy in their natural habitat. 

Camel Activities
Desert Ride - Couple Riders 45 mins AED 400 p.p.
Full Moon Ride - Single Rider 30 mins AED 175 p.p.
Desert Ride - Single Rider 30 mins AED 150 p.p.
Full Moon Ride - Couple Riders 30 mins AED 325 p.p.
Desert Ride - Couple Riders 30 mins AED 275 p.p.
Camel Experience 60 mins AED 125 p.p.
Desert Ride - Single Rider 45 mins AED 225 p.p.

With our trained coach, learn the real skills and proper techniques of an ancient sport: Archery.

Archery sessions start with a training round, on easier training bows, following onto a scoring round with higher poundage field target bows. Various arrows to suit your ability. The sessions are held outdoors, with fabulous views of the centre and reserve.

Archery is suitable for both children and adults. The session can be booked for singles, couples or small or large groups. Archery sessions last around 45 min-1 hours generally but for larger groups it may take longer.

Why not make a day of it and add on another activity with us - Horse Riding, Camel Riding are just a few. We can arrange as much or as little as you want!

Child Single (Part of Class) 45 min AED 121 p.p
Adult Single (Private Lesson) 60 min AED 275 p.p
Child Single (Private Lesson) 60 min AED 220 p.p
Adult Walking Trail 90 min AED 220 p.p
Child Walking Trail 90 min AED 137.5 p.p
Adult Single (Part of Class) 45 min AED 165 p.p

Discover the ancient form of falconry at the most authentic setting in the country - flying falcons is an experience of a lifetime! 

Our aim is to share with you the pleasure and excitement of falconry, a fascination that has enthralled people for 4,000 years, and today provides guests with a unique experience in magnificent surroundings. No previous experience is necessary and our private courses are suitable for all ages and families. 

You will experience the ancient art of falconry while learning about the local life history of raptors, their role in the environment, and the efforts underway to ensure their survival and conservation.

Each activity is always unpredictable and exciting, especially the incomparable thrill of a raptor returning to your glove.

You will gain a special insight into the challenges of falconry and the relationship between falcon and falconer.

Equipped with a falconer's glove, you will be guided in the art of handling and flying these magnificent birds of prey.

Adult Morning - Group Session 45 min AED 107 p.p (Children below 12 years join Free with booked parents)
Adult Afternoon - Group Session 90 min AED 171 p.p (Children below 12 years join Free with booked parents)
Adult Couples - Morning Private Session 90 min AED 1830 p.c


Our setting offers the perfect environment for off-site work functions, team activities, client appreciation events, school group outings or field trips, even large families who simply want to share a fun-filled day together. Our team can tailor-make packages to meet the needs of your group. Whether it be a leisurely group horseback ride across the reserve trail, pitching tents at a pre-designated camp site for that chilled out sunset experience or organized team-building activities in a stunning natural environment that may or may not involve a splash in our pool, we have enough options and open skies that are sure to inspire and motivate and leave your group feeling rejuvenated. We even cater for entire facility booking for that exclusive closed doors event. Your group will never forget the experience.

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